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Ruby + Crowley = BFF

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You know Ruby and Crowley are totally BFFs!

This community is all about Ruby and Crowley! I am addicted to the idea that they are friends, so I made this! If you want to post something Ruby and Crowley related, whether it be fanfic, graphics, videos, etc. go ahead! They can be a pairing or just friends, it doesn't matter, anything Ruby and Crowley related is welcome!

1. Thou shalt not hate.
2. Thou shalt not post things unrelated to Ruby and Crowley.
3. Thou shalt not over-Mary Sue, for Mary Sues are an abomination unto the Kripke.
Failure to follow these commandments will result in immediate smiting. Demon style, so you know it's painful and badass.

I got the idea in my head that Ruby and Crowley had/have an epic friendship. I couldn't get it out of my head, so I went to Supernatural Story Finders and asked for stories with a scene involving Ruby and Crowley. I got an answer where I had to look through a bunch of different stories on a website and I found one that simultaneously satisfied my need and left me wanting more. So I decided, enough of this, I'm just going to make a community and hope people join and add stories. Well, I asked the author of the story if I could post it in my community, and I found out there already was a community for exactly what I'm looking for. Just when I thought I was being original T_T. Whatever, that's the brief history of this community, so if you like it, join, post, and have fun! If not, leave and never come back.

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